School Hours: 7:40am-3:00pm

Finishing Strong 2020!


Overton College Prep students are on a track to success: COLLEGE-BOUND!

We encourage our scholars to finish this 2nd semester as strong as they started the year. 

Our talented educators spend each day nurturing and motivating scholars to do their best daily which enables them to achieve the goal of finishing the academic school year strong.

Parents, you can join the race by continuing to be your child's encourager and motivator at home by staying connected to Overton ECPS regularly. You can successfully achieve this by communicating with your scholar, keeping contact with teachers and administration, also through the parent and student portals.

Keeping up to date with events, lessons and activities at Overton will help you and your scholar continue to gain the most from this wonderful campus.

Let's all run together to the final goal of achieving the BEST YEAR yet at Volma Overton ECPS! 


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