School Hours: 7:40am-3:00pm

Fourth Grade

Welcome to Volma Overton Elementary

4th Grade 2019/20


A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.  -Nelson Mandela

 Overton 4th grade teachers are looking forward to working with you at home.

We are continuing to be focused on a successful and exciting learning experience for our scholars at this time while learning from home.


We have set high academic goals for our scholars.


Our scholars need to be continuing to grow in reading, writing, science and math. 


You can help your scholar meet these goals by:

*Click on the subject materials in list or scroll to the files at the bottom of the page to open PDFs 

  • Writing: 


We will continue to achieve this growth through:


  • Reading: comparing and connecting genras 
  • Writing: how to edit and revise works of writing / how to write a composition
  • Math: How to add and subtract fractions.  


 Keeping productive requires healthly habits for scholars: 

STAY: connected, on task, on a path to success and college bound!


This is a pivotal year for skills to come together for each scholar to become more developed as a learner.

You are an essential part of your child’s education, especially during these unexpected current global events. 

Please keep all areas of communication open for you and your scholars daily for teachers to stay connected with teaching materials and support.  

Thank you in for your time and support.