About Us

Overton Early College Prep: ACADEMICS

Overton Early College Prep is a place where talented educators spend each day nurturing and motivating scholars to prepare their road to further education and to insure success in all areas of life. Excellent education is modeled by staff and achieved from PreK all the way through the 5th grade. Overton's professional teams, motivated and hard working scholars and their beautiful families are what make this classroom culture shine throughout our community. 

Overton Early College Prep: CULTURE

When visiting Overton's campus there is a beautiful mosaic of culture and diversity. This is an elementary campus that nurtures the distinct cultures and traditions of our special community. Overton is a bilingual environment allowing scholars to excel in two or more languages. Our assemblies and activities support the traditions and holidays of many cultures. This is a unique and special environment where diversity is embraced and treasured by keeping an overall unified focus on educating scholars to achieve academically while embracing the individuality and beauty of others. 

Overton Early College Prep: TECHNOLOGY

Here at Overton Early College Prep we integrate traditional teaching with modern technology. Scholars are able to learn on computers, chromebooks and tablets while continuing to have a balance of reading and writing apart from technology. Professional educators are well equipped and trained to enrich the teaching experience with different levels of technology in the classroom and during after-school activities. 

Overton Early College Prep: ACTIVITIES/CLUBS

There are several after school activities and programs. The Boys and Girls Club of Austin along with the City of Austin Parks and Recreation offer after school programming to help scholars and their families. Throughout the year there are other activities/clubs that are presented to scholars to join if desired.

Overton Early College Prep: ENROLLMENT

Parents are encouraged to make an appointment by contacting the office at Overton to meet our administrators and to learn about the exceptional educational opportunities Overton has to offer. The educational program is aligned with the Early College High School initiative that supports preparation for college level courses beginning in 9th grade.

Bring your scholar to Overton Early College Prep to build a successful foundation during the early years of elementary by encouraging your scholar's education with a strong emphasis on being prepared for a college level education before graduating high school. 

See our full staff list with contact details.