As a parent, you hear it all the time, "Get involved in your child's learning... get involved in your child's school..." But WHY should you get involved? Well, research shows that when parents are involved in their child's education:

  • students achieve more, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnic/racial background, or the parents' education level.
  • students have higher grades and test scores, better attendance, and complete homework more consistently.
  • students have higher graduation rates and greater enrollment rates in post-secondary education.
  • students' destructive behaviors (such as alcohol use, violence, and anti-social behavior) decrease

Occasional Volunteer

We love when parents volunteer time to help in classrooms - come talk to us in the front office (and bring a picture ID!) 

Classroom Coaching

Our Classroom Coaching model transforms whole class instruction into small learning teams with one adult volunteer matched with four or fewer students. Volunteers work throughout the school year with an assigned group of students for 45 minutes, once weekly, during the school day. Students are supported with high-engagement learning activities in reading or math that provide opportunities for structured practice and safe, supportive feedback.vIf you'd like to volunteer regularly, we'll ask that you get a background check through Austin Partners in Education.


Research indicates that youth participating in mentoring relationships:

  • Experience positive academic returns including better attendance, better attitudes towards school, and an increased likelihood of going on to higher education
  • Are less likely to initiate alcohol/drug use while being mentored and less likely to engage in some negative behaviors
  • Have more positive social attitudes and relationships

Overton delivers an innovative mentor program that supports academic success, enriches the educational experience, and supports college and career readiness for Austin ISD. Mentors give as little as 45 minutes per week during the school year. By acting as academic and general mentors, they help bridge the achievement gap for at-risk students.


To get involved in Overton's PTA, please reach out to our parent support specialist, Airam Dominguez-Aguilar, on 512.841.9300. 

For more on our parent engagement support office, click here.


The role of the Campus Advisory Council (CAC) is to assist the school in bringing about cooperation and coordination of resources to maximize opportunities for improving student performance. In achieving this purpose, and in accordance with the administrative procedures established by TEC, CAC members provide advice and assistance to the principal. The CAC meets once a month to discuss things such as Campus Improvement Plan, budget, and many other items that relate to the overall decision making of our school. The CAC Meeting is open for anyone to attend but only appointed members are able to vote. Applications for CAC members are accepted through our Principal, Mrs. Brown.