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Parent Support Specialist

Mrs. Dominguez-Aguilar

Mrs. Dominguez-Aguilar 

About Me

  • I have been part of the Overton family for 4 years.
  • I am bilingual.
  • My previous role was being the registrar here at Overton.
  • I want to continue helping our community blossom.

My Background

  •  I have been working with children and families for 8 years, 4 of them have been here at Overton.
  • Ihave a degree in applied science as a Pastry Chef and am currently working on my Psychology Degree with a focus on child trauma.
  • I also work in the Boys and Girls Club after school program

What does a parent support specialist do?

  •  Provide assistance to families & students
  • Assess the needs of families in our community
  • Provide parents with support through resources (medical, financial, social, etc.)
  • Provide workshops to empower parents (English/Spanish, Computer, etc...)

Contact Information


Phone number: 512-841-9300

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