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Dyslexia Program


Welcome to Volma Overton Elementary

Dyslexia Program 2019/20


We are so proud of our Overton Scholars!


 We are proud to provide multiple programs that help students who have dyslexia and/or struggle in acquiring grade-level reading skills. 


If your child is receiving these services, you will be contacted soon by the program teacher(s) your child works with on campus. 

You and your child will be invited to continue extra reading support via online/virtual resources.



Home Supplemental Resources

PreK . Kinder . 1st . 2nd . 3rd . 4th . 5th grade 

April 6-10 


To access resources, click the appropriate link for the program your child works with: 


Dyslexia Lab:

Click  Links: 

Description of Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs

Read Naturally Live

 Kids A-Z 

Dyslexia Lab Contacts:

Ms. Robertson

Ms. Friedman

Mr. Barbosa

Ms. Irwin 

Ms. Gonzalez



Dyslexia Intervention:

Great reading news for scholars and parents!  

Your reading teachers are adding you to: 


Click  Link: 

Learning Ally 


Dyslexia Intervention Contacts:

Ms. Chiles

Ms. Dorris

Ms. Tuttle (formerly Hobart)